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Frequently asked questions....

You’ve probably got a few questions? Great! Because we've got a few answers!
Here's a collection of a few frequent questions from folks looking for a professional carpet cleaner.

What’s all this gonna cost?

We pride ourselves in offering a fair balance of quality work and reasonable rates.  We want your day with Roland's to be more than just a great cleaning.  We want it to be a great value, too. We build our business on this principle everyday. You've seen them, carpet cleaning advertisements promising
CHEAP!  CHEAP! CHEAP! prices, they're everywhere.  Is a professional, quality job even possible at those prices? These low price offers seem too good to be true. And, often they are. Worse yet, low prices are frequently accompanied with high pressured add-on sales to inflate the advertised price. We’ll tell you up front exactly what to expect. No games, no gimmicks, no hidden surprises. We Promise!

What does our FREE, NO OBLIGATION Carpet Inspection and Price Quote include?
Great question! We’ll come to your home when it’s convenient for you, give your carpet a comprehensive inspection and leave you with an accurate price quote. We’ll look at all of your spots, stains and challenging areas and give you an honest opinion of what you can expect. We’ll explain everything and answer all of your questions in plain, easy to understand terms before you make any commitment.

How does it take to dry?
We use powerful fans called air movers to help dry your carpets quickly and thoroughly. We'll have you back on your carpet in hours, NOT in days. And, because we know sometimes even hours can be an inconvenience, we'll leave plastic booties to cover your shoes so you can walk on your carpet while it's still drying.

How are you going to clean my carpet?

Of the many methods to choose from, we've selected the hot water extraction system powered by a truck mounted unit. The most popular method by far, it's preferred by both carpet professionals and manufacturers alike.  The strength of a truck-mounted power plant is unmatched by commonly used portable units.  Work progresses more quickly and, best of all, the cleaning solutions, dirt and grime is whisked out of your home.  It's healthier since our equipment doesn't exhaust the heat, humidity and cleaning by-products into your home. 

Drying times with truck-mounted hot water extraction can vary with conditions, but is generally a matter of hours.  The high cleaning temperatures generated aid in removing ground in soils, pollutants, and tough stains as well as killing germs and bacteria and decreasing drying times, putting your carpet back into use sooner.

There are many reputable cleaners serving Upson County, Spalding, Pike, Meriwether, Lamar, and the surrounding area. It's our sincerest belief, though, that you won't find a better trained, more customer-focused cleaning company offering the same value for your money than Roland’s Cleaning Services.

We're here to answer your questions and concerns.  If you haven't found the answers you're looking for, please give us a call.  Our friendly staff are ready to help,  Call anytime, 706-648-6043, 770-567-4162.


Home | Carpet Cleaning | Upholstery Cleaning | Wood Floor Care | Water Damage Restoration | FAQ's | Request an Estimate

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